NITRALAB® Toolkit RQFlex® (Nitrate Soil Nitrate Analysis)

Category: Measurment tools

the briefcase toolkit allows you to measure the nitrate concentration in the soil by test strips.

Case including:

  • RqFlex®,
  • 2 batches of 50 reactive strips,
  • a 100 ppm benchmark,
  • 6 shakers,
  • 6 dishes,
  • 30 NITRAFILTRe syringe,
  • a 50 ml syringe,
  • 3 Kcl bags.

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100 ppm standard

50 ppm standard

Extraction Press + bowl

KCL extraction reagent (x6)


Nitra-filters for syringe (x30)

RQFlex 2 device

Syringe (1 p,)

Test strips NITRACHEK (x 100) + standard

Out of stock

Test strips NITRACHEK (X100)

Test strips RQFlex 3-90 (X 50)

Test strips RQFlex 3-90 (X 50) + 50 ppm standard

Test strips RQFlex 5-225 (X 50) + 100 ppm standard

Test strips RQFlex 5-225 (X50)