Our vision for farmers:

A simple, easy-to-use and highly efficient technology.

Farm Store combines life sciences with innovative technologies,
to help operators and their advisors to better control production and quality in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our answer:

Design and propose new measurement and diagnostic tools to know – Know to act

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A team of experts who listen to you

Comprised of engineers, agronomists and agricultural technicians, all experts in their field, the Farm Store/Auréa Agrosciences team is united around an ambition: to assist producers to meet the challenges posed to modern agriculture.

Have a question about one of our products? Our team of experts is here to answer you.

Our commitments with you,

Efficiency and Innovation

Our catalog offers innovative, easy-to-use tools used by farmers and their advisors to scientifically and objectively analyze production parameters to act as closely as possible.

Saving time and money, Farm Store gives you the ability to access technology more easily, faster and at a better price.

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