AGRO Lisier
AGRO Lisier
agro sledge
AGRO Lisier - mounted device
2035 agro Lisier notice
AGRO Lisier - gauge graduated in kg Azote per m3
AGRO Lisier - delivered in briefcase
AGRO Lisier - batch of reagents for 7 measures
AGRO Lisier - tester for effluent
AGRO Lisier - reagent receptacle
AGRO Lisier - reaction tube
AGRO Lisier - ometer seen from above with balancing cap
AGRO Lisier - cap removed
AGRO Lisier - reaction tube cap

The Agro-lisier case includes:

  • an agro-slisier
  • A user’s note
  • a cleaning kit,
  • a training kit
  • a user’s notebook
  • 14 reagent pods

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AGRO-Lisier case® (Effluent Nitrogen)

Category: Measurment tools

For a quick and cost-efficient analysis of livestock manure !

The measurement uses the chemical reaction between the reactant (Calcium Hypochlorite – Ca(ClO)2) and the Ammonium (NH4+) from the livestock manure that releases nitrogen gas (N2). The gas causes the pressure to increase within the tube. The pressure can be measured with a manometer (Kg N-NH4/m3).

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422  HT

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Agro-Lisier® tool + gauge

Agro-Lisier® tube

Cork seal (60mm)




Gauge seal (8mm)

Reactant repository

Reactive pod (for 7 measurements)


The AGRO-Lisier® is compact and designed with robust and stainless materials.


Measure your livestock manure in less than 5 minutes.
Thanks to its simple process, AGRO-Lisier® is the fastest way to measure your livestock slurry and manure.


Thanks to the AGRO-Lisier®, you can measure slurry and manure for all farm animals.


With a correlation coefficient of 0.95, AGRO-Lisier® offers you a precision comparable to the results obtained from a dedicated laboratory.