Herbo METRE briefcase version
Herbo METRE briefcase version
Herbo METRE Mounted
Herbo METRE - electronic version case
Herbo METRE - electronic version
Herbo METRE - lower part
Herbo METRE - upper part - manual version
Herbo METRE - delivered in briefcase (for briefcase and electronic version)
Herbo METRE - Arvalis method compression tray
Herbo METRE - Arvalis tablet and conversion tables

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Herbo METRE® (Meadow biomass)

Category: Measurment tools

A simple and efficient tool, for the management of your grass paddocks

HerboMETRE® is the only tool for measuring pasture cover, adapted regionally and according to the plant population. The grass height is interpreted to provide recommendation for managing your grass paddocks.

Available versions:

1. HerboMETRE®:

The HerboMETRE® indicates a height of grass compressed by the tray, holding
account for the height and density of the vegetation cover. The reading is done thanks to the graduated bar, on which the advice appears: pasture, recommended exit, recommended mowing …

HERBOMETRE® comes with a cm-graded adjuster.

2. The HerboMETRE® in briefcase version:

The HerboMETRE® in a briefcase version includes a regionalized tablet, with the density of the grass above 5 cm, allowing the conversion of grass height to “Biomasse”
Case including: a graduated bar in cm, a regionalized tablet, 50 registration cards

3. The HerboMETRE® electronics:

The HerboMETRE® electronic device allows reliable measurement thanks to an ultrasonic sensor.
The measurement is automatic and the storage and transfer of data to a PC possible.

Case including:
an electronic case, a transfer series cable for PC, data collection software

Delivery costs

15€ ht /product

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Aluminium tube


Compressing plate

Electronic control unit and display

Herbo -LIS Arvalis method

White Base

Yellow shelf

Yellow Tube


Compact and made from resistant materials, the HerboMETRE® adapts to all situations and will accompany you easily in your travels.


Thanks to its very simple measuring system, a plate that rises under the pressure of the height and density of the plant cover, the HerboMETRE® allows a quick diagnosis of your meadows and an estimate of the biomass.


HerboMETRE® exists in several versions to meet your needs:

  • STANDARD VERSION, with the graduated ruler.
  • BRIEFCASE VERSION, with a case and a regionalized table.
  • ELECTRONIC VERSION, to improve performance.


The HerboMETRE® was designed and developed by ARVALIS, with the support of numerous organizations.