AGRO-Sonde® VM (90cm) Diameter 18 mm / gouge soil sampler + nylon mallet

Category: Sampling tools

AGRO Sonde®VM is a unique tool for the sampling of nitrogen remaining, which typically collects up to 3 horizons at a time. A specially designed mallet allows sinking in dry or compact conditions.

AGRO Sonde®VM is equipped with various chisel heads, to adapt to the nature and humidity of the soil. This reduces friction and facilitates the push.

The principle of AGRO Sonde®VM allows for direct sampling over 3 horizons. The separation of the pushing process and sampling ensures there is no risk of horizons getting mixed up.

A mallet has been specially designed to ensure that the strike is more comfortable in dry or compact conditions (less resonance and more intertia during the process, thanks to a mobile shot inside the hammer)


Height 120 cm / Width 45 cm / Diameter 18 mm


  • AGRO-SONDE® VM (90cm) diameter 18mm
  • nylon mallet
  • 3 warheads
  • specific scraper
  • metal brush
  • tightening key
  • guarantee certificate
  • instructions on how to use it
  • Special patented system “nitrogen reliquat”

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