MULTI-Sonde® Organic matter sampler 1m
Patented system, Special collection of all types of Solid Organic matter

Category: Sampling tools

The only soil sampler designed for your compost or solid organic matter

MULTI-SONDE® organic products dissociates the sampling from the pushing process

MULTI-Sonde® organic products has a head that facilitates penetration into most organic materials.

Its principle makes it possible to collect in one attempt a representative sample at a depth of 1 meter.

Sampling of all fibers, including the largest ones, is possible thanks to its teeth specifically designed for this purpose


Height 110 cm / Width 45 cm / Diameter 20 or 40 mm


  • MULTI-Sonde® organic products, 20 or 40 mm of …
  • Certificate of guarantee
  • instructions on how to use it
  • Special patented system for collection of all types of solid organic matter

Delivery costs

18€ ht/product

412  HT


MULTI-Sonde® organic products has been specifically designed for the sampling of solid organic matter (compost, peat, manure…). It allows for an easy sampling down to one meter.

Quality and speed of sampling

The 40 mm diameter of MULTI-Sonde® organic productsallows for the collection of 1.25 liters of material at each sampling (at a depth of 1 meter). This ensures that you can make a perfect sample of 10 to 25 liters of material by carrying out 8 to 20 samplings.


MULTI-Sonde® organic products can sample numerous organic materials with varying densities, dry matter content or fibrousness: droppings, compost, manure, silage.

Reliability and robustness of the tool

MULTI-Sonde® organic products is made of stainless steel. Its robustness ensures that the sample does not get polluted.