Helical soil sampler(50mm)

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A range of soil samplers suitable for types of soil !


Length: 125 cm / weight: 1,260 kg / width of T: 45 cm / outer length working part 18.5 / inner length working part: 15 cm / maximum outer diameter: 50 mm / maximum inner diameter: 45 mm / 2 blades 25 mm wide each / 180 to 220 g soil for a 15 cm borefield.

Delivery costs

18€ ht/product

133 169  HT

Principles and How It Works

Also called Tarière Edelman, it consists of 2 metal blades 25 minutes wide that rotate around each other, with a terminal part twisted at 180 degrees full of height 30 mm that helps with sinking.

The principle is to put in contact with the ground the minimum surface working with the 2 narrow blades and to push the tool by turning it to hunt the pebbles and penetrate even difficult and compacted soil. The principle is that of the corkscrew with 2 blades enclosing the earth (with or without pebbles) with the minimum of effort.

A 15 cm sample is therefore done by a complete turn (360 degrees) during the sinking of the tool. A 15 cm bore by a survey can be used to remove about 200 g of soil.

Deeper horizons are taken in the same way by reintroducing the tool into the hole already made, making sure not to drop from the earth surface horizons at the bottom of the borehole.

This can be taken up to 90 cm in six successive outlets.

However, you will not be able to use a hammer or mallet to help with the sinking.


The 50 mm diameter is a good compromise to optimize the ease of penetration and the size of the space needed to clear the earth.

It also has anti-slip handles.

Versatility and efficiency

Because of its principle of action, it is suitable for all types of land, and is effective in clay, silty, compacted, dry or wet soils, with or without pebbles.

Due to its size it is also suitable for all types of use: from surface sampling on 15 to 30 cm, to nitrogen remnants on 90 cm.

Lightness and robustness

Made of reinforced steel alloy, both strong and lightweight, the helical auger has been machined and forged in a special way to preserve all its properties.