TECHNI-Sonde ®

Category: Sampling tools

The simplest and most effective gouge-shaped soil sampler!
Indispensable tool for technical visits!


Length: 52 cm / T width: 25 cm / weight: 640 g / outside diameter: 20 mm / inner diameter 15 mm / length of the work part: 30 cm with permanent marking every 10 cm / 40 to 50 g of soil taken for a 30 cm sounding.

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Small (52cm) and light (0.6 kg) it is the ideal one-time sampling tool for the operator and his advisor who will benefit from having him permanently in his vehicle during technical visits.


The small diameter of the TECHNI-Sonde® (20 mm outside) allows very rapid use in gouge mode: vertical sinking, without the discomfort of a terminal warhead and without rotation, with direct extraction. It allows a sample of up to 30 cm in a single gesture. The U-shaped channel takes between 40 and 50g per poll, or 400 to 500g for 10 surveys, thus avoiding any time spent undersampling.


Manufactured exclusively by Auréa AgroSciences in hardened steel with anti-slip handles, it is robust and avoids contamination with heavy metals during agri-environmental sampling. The small volume of soil collected also ensures that it is representative of the site. The small volume of soil collected easily ensures a good representativeness of the site.


TECHNI-Sonde® allows for a quick and qualitative sampling in all types of soilwith few or no pebbles. It is suitable for collecting topsoil when needed. As a result of its small and compact size, it is a must-have during on-site visits