Gluco LIS briefcase
Gluco LIS briefcase
Gluco LIS 2 briefcase
Gluco LIS briefcase - extract press
Gluco LIS briefcase - Accu Chek reader and his strip
Gluco LIS briefcase - Accu Chek strip
Gluco LIS briefcase - 50-band accu Chek bottle
Gluco LIS case - box of 2 vials - 100 Accu Chek strips
Gluco LIS briefcase - delivered in briefcase

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GlucoLIS® Blue (Quality in sugars of potatoes)

Category: Measurment tools

Your field tool to measure the sugar content of tubers.

The Gluco-LIS® Blue toolkit includes:

  • a strip reader
  • a micro-pipette 30 cones for micro-pipette
  • 100 strips
  • 30 tubes containing the dilution agent
  • 2 control solutions
  • the procedure
  • a guide book on “managing the sugars for high-quality potatoes”
  • a user manual for the strip reader
  • a correction table
  • optional: a juice extracting press

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Consumable items (Check the consumables that interest you and then manage their numbers in the basket.)

Accu-chek device

Cones for micropipette (x100) (loose packaging)

Cones for micropipette (x30) (loose packaging)

Dilution medium - 30 filled tubes (foam display)

Dilution medium - 90 filled tubes (foam display)

Extraction Press + bowl

GlucoLIS Micropipette®

Standard solutions (x2 vials)

Test electronic strips (X50)