N-TESTER® and briefcase (Nitrogen Control of Crops)

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A sustainable fertilization means more productivity, higher quality and greater respect for the environment !

N-Tester® optically measures leaf chlorophyll content, which is highly correlated to the nitrogen demand of the plant. Thanks to this simple process, the N-Tester is the most monitoring tool in FRANCE (1400 aircraft).

1. Simplicity and flexibility use:
The measurement is done by pinching the leaf, on or off the field. The N-Tester®
is used from stage 2 leafs to swelling. In addition, you can make your measurements whatever the time of the day.

2. Simple access to recommendations
it is done via internet, wap phone or pocket PC. Once the required information is entered, your recommendation report can be printed out.
send by fax The edition of the report ensures you a traced and validated recommendation by ARVALIS.

3. More than 20 years of expertise:
the tests to validate the method started in 1994. Now, more than 250 tests have been conducted and 35,000 plots are monitored annually.

The N-TESTER Case includes:

  • a N-TESTER device
  • A user’s note
  • a user’s notebook
  • 1 control standard

After purchasing the N-TESTER, you will be opened a client account with a PERMANENT confidential code giving you access to YARA website: https://ntester.yara.fr/ It will allow you to edit the recommendation reports.

Contact YARA directly to get your codes

Delivery costs

15€ ht /product


The N-Tester® reduces by 60% the cases of under and over-fertilization. It increases yield by an average of 1,200 kg per hectare and 0.3 point in protein


Direct measurement on the field by simply pinching the leaves. The device is user-friendly and the method easy to implement. Get your recommendation in less than 20 minutes per plot !


The N-Tester® is the only monitoring tool that can be used on common and durum wheat, spring barley, corn and potato. I It also gives access to the widest range of wheat varieties, with close to 220 varieties listed..


Tested and approved by many users, N-Tester® has been developed and validated jointly by ARVALIS institut du végétal and YARA. As of today, more than 190 000 recommendations have been delivered to the farmers!